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[+][+] Health Dropping Trick:
While connected to the server, open console by pressing ~ button, then type:

 bind G vsay AWE DH

So, when you press 'G' button, your own health will be dropped and you can use it to heal yourself especially when you are dying/bleeding.

[+][+] Movement Tricks:
You can move faster (120%), with any of the following weapons on hand:

(+) Grenades
(+) Smoke Grenades
(+) Sten
(+) MP40
(+) PPSH
(+) Any Pistol

You'll be slower (less than 100%) with following weapons:

(+) Satchel
(+) Bar
(+) Bren
(+) MP44
(+) FG42
Note: Even with rifles in hand, you can even move faster (110-115%) than above.
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